Brian VanFleet is a Washington, DC interior designer and counselor who works with residential clients to explore every project’s specific set of needs. An experienced designer who has worked with award-winning design firms for more than 10 years, Brian founded BVF Design Consulting in 2011, where he specializes in design that is clean, warm and modern in its focus.

His work has been featured in Home and Design magazine and his portfolio of projects span the range of the residential design field. He is equally comfortable with new construction projects as he is with creating small intimate spaces.

Brian’s interiors feature simple, clean-lined furniture pieces juxtaposed with color, textures, and a sparing use of pattern. This approach allows for still a varied and interesting palette that is unique to each space.

Beyond esthetics, Brian excels in the more functional side of design. He designs custom furniture pieces for spaces and enjoys all the particulars of the design process, from working with contractors, trades people and clients to solving each project’s particular set of problems.

His artistic point-of-view and collaborative approach to design allows him to create designs that are not only beautiful but easy to live in.

Brian is a graduate of George Washington University with a MFA in Design and also holds degrees in printmaking and ceramics from Frostburg State University.

Some photos courtesy of Sroka Design, Inc.